To commemorate the 576th anniversary of Hangeul Day(Korean Alphabet Day) in 2022, BSW and BOOMSPACE designed a Korean typeface named after one of BSW art projects, ‘ARCHISCULPTURE’.
ARCHISCULPTURE is a computer typeface made with architectural structures. BSW and BOOMSPACE deliberately added more strokes to the extent that it does not affect the essential components of the character, and as a result of designing the look, the typeface was constructed surprisingly kaleidoscopic, fun, and unique!
The font distributed today follows the ‘Unicode Expansion Precomposed Korean characters encoding’ system. It means ARCHISCULPTURE font contains all modern 11,172 Korean letters, Latin, European, Greek, Cyrillic scripts, Arabic numerals, special characters, and symbols. If the characters you type are displayed in the default font of your computer operating system, those characters may not be supported by the current version of ARCHISCULPTURE font. The ARCHISCULPTURE font will continue to be added and refined with more Unicode characters.
Create your own writings and designs with unique ARCHISCULPTURE font!
ARCHISCULPTURE font includes the version number in its file name.
(example: ARCHISCULPTURE_v200.ttf)
It is always good to download the latest version and use it.
Thank you!
The “ARCHISCULPTURE” font software provided by BSW and BOOMSPACE is licensed under [FONT LICENSE version 1.0] which will be downloaded with font file. The intellectual property rights of “ARCHISCULPTURE” font software belong to BSW and BOOMSPACE. “ARCHISCULPTURE” font software is provided free of charge to all users, including individual and corporate users, and can be freely redistributed. However, modifying the font itself or selling it for a fee is prohibited, and The “ARCHISCULPTURE” font software with this copyright notice and the entire license text may be redistributed or bundled with other software. If it is difficult to include the full text of the license, acknowledgment of the source is recommended.

Download ARCHISCULPTURE font and license


* Please let BOOMSPACE know via Email([email protected]) if there are any missing or incorrect letters. It will be fixed in the next update.
* BSW website